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Day 139: Blueberry Lavender Liquored-Up Lemonade

Cheers to not driving or going anywhere today! Since it’s the fall, apparently Sunday means that I need to be quiet from noon until nine, unless I’m talking about football. God forbid, I interfere with any of the seven screens that are tracking fantasy football performance.

I’m being dramatic, it actually wasn’t that bad. LB and PJ, our two best friends in Atlanta, stopped back for some mixed drinks made by yours truly and some catching up. Seriously, doesn’t this Blueberry Lavender Liquored-Up Lemonade look amazing?

Blueberry Lemonade - Day 139

Today I wore my Disney shirt, just to make sure it was clear I came back from vacation. I’m kinda a jerk like that. I’m not sure how I made it through our little Sunday Funday without getting anything on these white shorts, so I’m calling it a win.

Outfit Details
Top: Disney shirt given to me by L today! (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased two years ago for $28 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Sperry purchased three years ago for $60 (similar)

Day 97: Poolside

LB is finally back in town, so naturally we celebrated with some sparkling wine, pooltime, and girls talk! Yes, we totally did polish off this bottle while catching up on work drama, boy stories, and how LB desperately wants a dog. At least she’ll have a practice run in September, since she agreed to watch Stormy for L and me while we’re in Disney!

There’s no pictures of me and LB together because she is so freaking tan from her vacation in Wisconsin. I glisten like Casper next to her.

I have not been doing great this weekend getting nice pictures – don’t worry, I’ll be back in my usually location with the world’s most patient photographer tomorrow! For my outfit today, I just wanted something that’s an easy pool-side coverup. I snagged this sleeveless romper from¬†Zulily¬†back when it was still cold and I’m so grateful I did.

This is my only romper I own and if I wasn’t do this challenge, I think I’d want to buy about 400 more. I gathered up a few in the outfit details that I’m especially craving. Don’t worry, my wallet is sealed – especially since I’m so close to 100 days!

What’s on your shopping list so I can live vicariously through you all?!

Outfit Details
Romper: Zulily (Buckhead Betties) purchased five months ago for $30 (similar, similar, similar)
Flip Flops: Sperry purchased four years ago for $15 (similar)