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Day 193: Late Night Friday

Tonight I’m having a girls’ night with LB and I couldn’t be more excited. She’s off to Alaska for the next two weeks, so I know I’m going to miss her like crazy! I was all prepared at work and ready to go at 5pm and then BAM. I was hit with three super urgent projects. So I didn’t make it out until 7pm. At least I’m in really good shape for next week.

When I finally made it to LB’s, we got Mellow Mushroom pizza (my fave) and drank merlot (her fave). We spend the entire night laughing way too hard and then waking up way too early to talk more. I absolutely love these kinds of nights.

Now that it’s officially cold here, it’s sweater weather! I purchased this sweater in college – two of my old roomies actually have matching ones in different colors. The necklace is a layered necklace I got from working at my first office job; I started as a gold sorter for a cash for gold place. Eventually I moved up the ranks and the company expanded to costume jewelry as well. I fell in love with this necklace the moment my boss showed it to me! This necklace is one of my faves, but it’s so big that I don’t wear it super often.

Sound off: share a story of you and your best friend!

Outfit Details
Sweater: American Eagle purchased four years ago for $16 (similar, similar)
Jeans: ThredUp (J. Crew) purchased one year ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Heels: Ralph Lauren purchased two years ago for $90 (similar, similar)
Necklace: Given to me at an old job (similar, similar)

Day 191: Happy Hump-Day!

Happy hump-day! It’s been a superbly successful day. Also, did you know that superbly is a legit word? I’m a little shocked. Anyways, I kicked off this morning with a barre class – right now at work a couple of co-workers and I are seeing who can work out the most during November. I’m ahead for now, but just barely. Plus I know next week will be a little rough with Thanksgiving and all! Aside from my work-out game strong, I also have been killing it at work today. I led a 40 person call successfully, so that was awesome. To be honest, I thrive on presenting. I missed my calling to be on stage – that’s for sure!

I love these pants – I have to wear them with heels and they make my legs look banging. It’s starting to get chilly here in Atlanta, so I actually do need a jacket! When I can shop again, I’m searching for these pants in some other colors – maybe navy, green, and white?

Sound off: any Thanksgiving plans?

Outfit Details
Shirt: Old Navy purchased three years ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Bottom: ThredUp (The Limited) purchased one year ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Heels: J. Crew Factory purchased 3 years ago for $50 (exact, similar)

Day 77: Why Millennials Buy Cars

There’s two sides of the “Why Do All Millennials Buy New Cars” debate.

  1. The Millennial: “I worked my butt off in college and I want something shiny and new that proves to the world that I am an adult!”
  2. Generation that Graduated College Pre-2005: “New car?! I didn’t get a new car until I was in the workforce for ten years! Let me tell you about my ’79 Buick. You had to hit the dashboard three times to make the radio come on…”

These are both the extremes, but they address a larger discussion: lots of millennials are buying brand spanking new cars.  Where do I fit in? I bought my Subaru Forester in 2014  – two months after I graduated college.

Through college I drove a 2005 Toyota Tundra (which I wrote about the other day).  If it was up to me, I would still be in that gorgeous gas-guzzler. When I graduated college, my truck had about 200k miles on it and he was starting to act like it. Mid-way through the summer, my power steering blew and it was going to be about $6,000 to fix, which was approximately $3,800 more than I had in my bank account.

So I started researching. I made a pros and cons list that would make Rory Gilmore proud. I wanted an SUV or bigger (I will never understand SmartCars), something that was fairly fuel efficient, and something that didn’t break the bank. Most importantly, I wanted a new car.

Why new? Some of the articles I read said millennials are wow’ed by fancy gadgets and progressive company image. For me, it was a concern of reliability. I wanted to have a car that I knew had received its oil change on time (I’m anal) that I could expect to run for a long, long time.  LB and L both have gotten new cars with one year of graduating college too (Toyota RAV4 and Chevy Cruze, respectively). LB and L have steady jobs, but their cars (both from high school) where not quite as reliable.

Yes, millennials want things that are cool and shiny. Yes, there’s lots of us who have no true understanding of debt (when your college loans are $50k+, we might as well be looking at the $616 billion federal deficit).

Anyone else buy a new car right after college? Or have no idea why someone with debt would buy something so expensive?

Outfit Details
Top: ThredUp (Ella Moss) purchased six months ago for $11 (similar, similar)
Pants: J. Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $60 (exact, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Vince Camuto) purchased three months ago for $50 (similar)