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Day 336: Crazy Katie

My younger sister is better known by her affectionate moniker Crazy Katie. She earns her nickname constantly by heading to Costa Rica randomly for a long weekend or jumping in the ocean in the middle of the winter. Today on our way back to the airport, she lived up to her name once again when she convinced me to stop at a random carnival in the parking lot of a movie theater. If that sounds sketchy while you’re reading it – it was. We weren’t expecting too much when we found out admission was $1 and the attendant didn’t even blink when we paid in change. The rides were certainly not up to code and the clientele was the most interested combination of people I’ve ever seen congregated around the “World’s Smallest Woman.” Still, we rode a few rides, laughing the whole time. It was the perfect last release before I headed back to my reality – cleaning up the house we left in a hurry and finally answering the hundreds of emails that had piled up in my absence.

You’ve probably noticed a trend – most of the clothes I’ve worn the past few days are from my mini shopping spree a few days ago. They’re all officially in desperate need of a wash – so here’s to my last outfit before I’m back to my regular outfit programming.

Outfit Details
Top: Borrowed from my mom (similar, similar)
Skirt: Old Navy purchased for $9.99 today (similar, similar)
Shoes: Adidas purchased two months ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 335: Why This 5k Mattered

Months ago, I signed up for a 5k with my oldest sister and her husband. Now, I’d consider myself a decent runner, but the two of them will probably be done for five to ten minutes before I cross the finish line. Plus, I haven’t even run since I skinned up my hands. Armed with awkward band-aids on my hand, I toed the starting line with no expectations, just a desire to be done with the whole thing. As the gun went off, I settled into a comfortable pace. It wasn’t until we made it to the first mile that I realized I was running mid-eight minute pace. I ended up finishing the race less than a minute off of my latest personal best.

I think everyone has a superhuman moment. There are moms who can pull cars off their kids and then there’s the rest of us who manage to go about our daily lives despite all the pandemonium. This 5k was aggressively average, but my good time was the reassurance I needed. We will all make it through.

I’m certainly not winning any fashion awards with this outfit, but I stand by my earlier statement – I can’t pack. It was a surprisingly less day, but I still needed a jacket for pre and post race. This lovely green jacket was the only one without horse hair and hay on it. Oh, the joys of farm life!

Sound off: tell me about a time you surprised yourself!

Outfit Details
Top: Received from a 5k in Atlanta a month ago (similar, similar)
Jacket: Stolen from my mom (similar, similar)
Shorts: Nike purchased six years ago for $40 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Asics purchased six months ago for $110 (similar, similar)

Day 297: CRISPR

Today I received the absolute cutest text from my little sister. Apparently her new thing is podcasts (just for a frame of reference, before podcasts, it was ballet – she changes quickly). Recently she heard a podcast about a scientific phenomenon called CRISPR. Basically the SparkNotes version (or at least the non-sciencey version) is that there are these sequences of repeating DNA that are snippets of viruses that certain bacteria carry. The idea is that the bacteria keep these little pieces of the virus after they kill them off so it will be easier to fight them next time. Scientists believe that they can start to insert these ‘fighter police cells’ into organisms, they can help fight certain diseases. Including autoimmune diseases like ankylosing spondylitis. While I’m not going to be fixed overnight, I’m so hopeful. Hopeful that I can be ‘normal’ – that I can not be in pain. I won’t have to fight to convince people that I’m fighting my own physical battles.

Since today was a work-from-home day due to my AS shot, so I stayed comfortable. After all, why wear pants when I knew I wasn’t going to leave the house?!

Sound off: what’s your favorite podcast?

Outfit Details
Top: J. Crew Factory purchased six years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Pants: Marika purchased two years ago for $15 (similar, similar)