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Day 327: Falling for Running


Today started like many other weekends – I headed out for a long-ish run with some friends. We kicked off our 8 mile run at 6am (benefits of running with moms: they get more done before 9am than anyone else alive). About three miles in, I tripped over absolutely nothing. I wish I could say it was the darkness or something in the road, but I truly just tripped over my own two feet. At first when I got up, I thought I was fine, but looking at my hands I quickly realized I wasn’t in great shape. My amazing running partner ran back to get the car, while I headed into a Publix to clean up. A few hours later, I ended up in urgent care, calling my mom to check on my tetanus shot. Thanks to my prankster little sister, she was convinced the whole thing was an April Fool’s joke. At least I’m going to get to spend the rest of the day lounging on the couch!

This outfit is what I ran it – I didn’t change out of it until hours later when my hands were bandaged up. Certainly not going to win any fashion awards today!

Sound off: Help me feel better – what’s your silliest injury?

Outfit Details
Sweatshirts: UnderArmour purchased three years ago for $30 – yay employee discount (similar, similar)
Shorts: “Borrowed” from LB (similar, similar)