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Day 348: Tarheel Ten Miler

I’m a little further behind on my running training than I’d like to admit – the last double-digit run I did was at my half marathon. Ever since I scraped my hands up, I haven’t run more than once a week. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous going into this Tarheel Ten Miler – especially after L’s horror stories of the hills! When we were lining up for the race bright and early this morning, I legitimately had no expectations (I also forgot my running watch and iPod, but that’s a different story). I was even mentally prepared if I needed to walk from mile 8 onwards. But I ended up running really strong. Around mile 9, I started to feel a little tired, but the idea of finishing outweighed my burning legs, so I went for it!

To be honest, not a lot of thought went into my race outfit – I just picked things that were clean and short for the race!

Sound off: are you training for anything?

Outfit Details
Top: From this road race
Bottoms: Nike stolen from LB (similar, similar)
Shoes: Asics purchased four months ago for $80 (similar, similar)

Day 238: Cake Testing!

Today we are wedding cake testing in Asheville, which is conveniently close to our wedding venue in Lake Lure, North Carolina. I promised L that the cake could be his domain, so he picked out a potential baker and we’re headed to talk and taste along with PJ, his best man. We strolled in with zero ideas or perimeters, excited to eat our way into a sugar coma. Waynette of Sweet Promises Bakery was absolutely amazing. We started off looking through a HUGE book with all of her previous  cakes and settled on a three-tier cake – the rest of the cake deets, I’ll reveal after the wedding. I love surprises, which is ironic because I hate keep secrets. So we’ll see how this goes!

Ironically, this is the dress that L proposed to me in, so it seems fitting that I wear it to our wedding cake tasting! It’s still a little chilly up here in the mountains, so I paired it with this floral cardigan. As an added bonus, I got to wear a regular bra because of the cardigan. Yes, I’m lazy and yes, I hate strapless bras.

Sound off: What’s the best wedding cake you’ve ever had?

Outfit Details
Dress: ThredUp (Calvin Klein) purchased fourteen months ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: J. Crew purchased second-hand for $30 (similar, similar)
Boots: Franco Sarto gift for Christmas (similar, similar)

Day 235: Let’s Get the Party Started

For New Year’s Eve, we headed up to Asheville, North Carolina with a group of L’s college friends. There was eleven people and two dogs in total, jammed into an awesome cabin in the woods. The best part was we had NO cell reception, NO internet, and NO cable television. You might be scratching your head at that statement, but it was so amazing to disconnect from technology and truly be engrossed in the conversations around.

I spend the morning at an early-morning barre class and then headed to get my hair done at the salon. Since L graciously offered to drive, I took the opportunity to enjoy some red wine while I finished up packing. In the mid-afternoon, L,  his best friend PJ, and I headed on the three-hour journey to Asheville. When we got there, we made some questionable pizza and waited for the whole crew to arrive. The last couple trickled in around 1AM, but our party was just getting started!

I wanted to be comfortable for our travel, but my hair brought my whole outfit up a notch. Thanks Alex at Salon Red!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years Eve!

Outfit Details
Top: J. Crew Factory gifted for Christmas (similar, similar)
Jeans: Gap purchased nine months ago for $55 (similar, similar)
Boots: Marshall’s purchased recently for $40 (similar, similar)

Day 234: Whirlwind

What a whirlwind day! Today was my only day in the office this week, so I had a full inbox and meeting scheduled all day. Once I made it through the workday, there was so much laundry and packing for our next big adventure: a weekend in Asheville, North Carolina with a group of friends for New Years! Although it was a long day, the idea of being off for a long weekend pulled me through!

Today I wanted to wear something comfortable; plus I knew I could get away with a pretty casual outfit since no one was in the office! I love playing with grey with different and bright colors – I think it may be overtaking black as my favorite neutral right now. These brick pants were a total impulse buy a few years ago at the J. Crew Factory near my parents’ house and I love pulling them out when I need a pop of color.

Sound off: where are you headed for New Year’s Eve?

Outfit Details
Top: Popbasic purchased 1 year ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: LOFT purchased second-hand two years ago for $10 (similar, similar)
Jeans: J. Crew Factory purchased ten months ago for $40 (similar, similar)
Heels: J. Crew Factory purchased two years ago for $40 (similar, similar)

Day 166: Family Fun Fest

Almost two years ago, we adopted our wonderful pup from Long Shot Farm. This weekend they were having a Fall Festival to give back to the community. The event was incredible – they had pumpkin patches for the kids to pick their own and a hay ride and KETTLECORN! Clearly you can tell what I was most excited about. But in all seriousness the festival was amazing. L was such a trooper even with his hurt leg.

It’s actually surprising how cold it was in Charlotte – it was probably colder here than it was in Boston! This new top is from L’s mom and I absolutely love it! I’ve been dying to try the cross-top trend. It was a great day.

Sound off: have you adopted a pup?

Outfit Details
Top: Boutique given to me for my birthday (similar, similar)
Jeans: Gap purchased eight months ago for $55 (similar, similar)
Booties: Marshall’s purchased recently for $40 (similar, similar)

Day 47: Wedding (not mine)

Today was my friend’s wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. Not going to lie, my favorite part was decorating their get-away-car! We covered it in streamers and balloons and wrote all over their car.

I can’t believe that L and I are getting married in September 2017. It may sound far away, but I am not prepared to do all of the planning – although I definitely want to steal a few ideas from my friend! It’s funny, my previous job was planning events… but not weddings. There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding and so many little nuances to plan. Are we doing a grand exit? What types of funny picture will we do? Who will seat the guests? There’s so much to think through!


Any advice from anyone who has already been through it all?

Outfit Details
Dress: David’s Bridal purchased six months ago for $99
Shoes: Unknown (similar, similar)


Day 46: Rehearsal

We’re back in North Carolina again this weekend for another wedding – this time for one of our favorite couples! The groom is one of L’s oldest friends and his soon-to-be-wife quickly became one of my favorite of L’s friends. She was so welcoming into their little friend group – and she actually came to visit me in Boston last year. I’m so excited to be in their wedding tomorrow!

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