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Day 218: Ten Thousand Hour Rule

Today I saw a quote from Malcolm Gladwell that said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master. Figuring a 40-hour average work week, that means it would take 4 years, 10 months, and 2 weeks to become a master at your profession. In a world where my friends from college are getting promotions left and right in cultures that don’t adhere to linear and structured career progression, I’m getting twitchy. As some of my older co-workers might say, this is my ‘millennial tendency.’¬†Which if you’ve followed my blog at all, I think that excuse is complete bulls****.

I think from a personal standpoint, I’ve always had trouble with the whole patience thing (just ask my finance L or my best friend LB). I’m always looking for ways to optimize and gain efficiencies. I get frustrated by superfluous structure that impedes growth and creativity. I love to look at new ways to do things, because no matter what industry you’re in, your customers are looking down new paths. I like predicting what’s coming next and I love engaging in a debate that challenges me to think of things differently.

When a workplace isn’t structured to make that four years, ten months, and two weeks a learning environment, it’s easy to get frustrated. But I still love the concept behind Gladwell’s quote. Although I think our workplace environment can be greatly improved, I can keep my education going. I can work towards my 10,000th hour, knowing that the journey will force me to learn about patience and my field.

From an outfit standpoint, I wanted something easy and breezy (side note: I totally have the new ANTM on my DVR. WOHOOO). This dress is super comfortable and easy to wear with anything! Since we were expecting a chilly day, I tossed on some tights. I added leopard flats for a fun print and viola! Perfect Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday outfit!

Outfit Details
Dress: LeTote purchased eight months ago for $14 (similar, similar)
Shoes: J. Crew purchased second-hand one year ago for $30 (similar, similar)