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Day 335: Why This 5k Mattered

Months ago, I signed up for a 5k with my oldest sister and her husband. Now, I’d consider myself a decent runner, but the two of them will probably be done for five to ten minutes before I cross the finish line. Plus, I haven’t even run since I skinned up my hands. Armed with awkward band-aids on my hand, I toed the starting line with no expectations, just a desire to be done with the whole thing. As the gun went off, I settled into a comfortable pace. It wasn’t until we made it to the first mile that I realized I was running mid-eight minute pace. I ended up finishing the race less than a minute off of my latest personal best.

I think everyone has a superhuman moment. There are moms who can pull cars off their kids and then there’s the rest of us who manage to go about our daily lives despite all the pandemonium. This 5k was aggressively average, but my good time was the reassurance I needed. We will all make it through.

I’m certainly not winning any fashion awards with this outfit, but I stand by my earlier statement – I can’t pack. It was a surprisingly less day, but I still needed a jacket for pre and post race. This lovely green jacket was the only one without horse hair and hay on it. Oh, the joys of farm life!

Sound off: tell me about a time you surprised yourself!

Outfit Details
Top: Received from a 5k in Atlanta a month ago (similar, similar)
Jacket: Stolen from my mom (similar, similar)
Shorts: Nike purchased six years ago for $40 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Asics purchased six months ago for $110 (similar, similar)

Day 215-216: White Gate Christmas Tree Farm

This week I spent at one of my favorite places in the world: my family’s Christmas tree farm! My aunt and uncle opened the farm about 30 years ago as a hobby, but it’s still going strong today as a commercial cut-your-own-tree farm. Ever since I was little (because farms don’t have to obey the whole child labor law things), I’ve worked tagging trees, working the cash register, and directing parking. While I was in college and running track, I took a brief hiatus, but I was so excited to get back on the hill this year.  L was wicked excited to tag along… until he realized that the weekend high was under 30 degrees. I’ve never seen him wear so much clothing at once.

From an outfit perspective, these two days look the exact same – but I swear they are not! Saturday I sported a long sleeve under a flannel, along with leggings under jeans and super wool socks. Sunday I work a long sleeve white shirt along with a heavy sweatshirt along with the same jeans/leggings combo. Fashion is just not that important when you’re driving a tractor to pick up someone’s Christmas tree on the hill.

The entire weekend was so much fun to catch up with my family from all over (including some of my favorite little cousins from Baltimore). We spend a lot of time working hard, but plenty of time playing hard too! My aunt has an extremely impressive wine collection…

We were originally set to fly out of Boston super early on Monday morning, but there was a snow storm headed our way! We went to the airport on Sunday night to try to catch an earlier flight but the storms in the Midwest already had wreaked havoc on the airlines. Our first flight was supposed to route through Detroit but it was cancelled. From there, the only flight that could get us out of Boston would route through San Francisco with a 20 hour layover. Feeling adventurous, L and I were about to take it when a direct flight from Boston to Atlanta opened up. We decided to take it. Our luggage apparently did not. As I type this, our luggage is hanging out in Detroit. Oh well, at least I didn’t need anything from it!

Sound off: what holiday traditions do you have?

Outfit Details
Jacket: ThredUp (Marc Jacobs) purchased two years ago for $50 (similar, similar)
Jeans: Express purchased eight years ago for $49 (similar, similar)
Boots: Zulily (ARCTIC PLUNGE) purchased recently for $29 (similar, similar)

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!