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Day 278: Expensive Sports Bra

Can we just talk about how freaking expensive sports bras are? It’s officially unfair. Now that I’m back into running, I needed to update my sports bra collection – most of which I’ve had since high school – eeek! I have one bra that I love: the Juno by Moving Comfort (no this isn’t sponsored in any way, I just truly LOVE the bra!), but those babies run around $50 a pop. When I told L, he almost self-combusted. He’s the type of guy who will super-glue his ten-year-old Nikes back together (true-story). Anyways, now that I got that rant out of the way – today was a super active day! We kicked off the day bright and early with a super successful 5k road race. It was L’s first one back since breaking his leg (yay) and it was my best time for a 5k since I was diagnosed with AS (double yay!). After our race, I put in another 6 miles for my half marathon training and then headed off to my weekly riding lesson. When I finally hit the couch after my super active day, I didn’t get up. #movienight for the win.

Today it was surprisingly warm, so I took advantage and wore shorts! This combo always reminds me of the beach with its light colors.

Outfit Details
Top: J. Crew purchased second-hand for $12 (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased three years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Sperry purchased three years ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 264: Training for a Half

Nothing like starting a Saturday off with some miles! I’m in the process of training for the Publix Half Marathon in mid-March. To make sure I stayed on track with training, I signed up for a training group that meets twice a week. I’ve run a few half marathons in the past, but they were all before my AS diagnosis and when I had plenty of time to train in college. Now that I have a full-time job, a dog, a wedding to plan, and this blog to take care of, I knew I needed this training group!

Today we ran 10 miles before it was even 10am. Since I felt like I accomplished a ton this morning, I spend the rest of the day doing nothing. Actually I cleaned a lot and hung out with L and PJ, but it was the perfect mellow day.

After I showered from my morning run, I was so pumped to put on comfy clothes and never put on anything else. This shirt is actually one of my favorites – I remember watching the Red Sox win the World Series with my Boston-obsessed roomie in our little house off-campus. It was an awesome series.

Sound off: so what are you training for this year?

Outfit Details
Top: MLB Shop purchased three years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Yoga Pants: Gap purchased four years for $20 (similar, similar)
Slippers: UGG purchased eight years ago for $100 (similar, similar)