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Day 260: Getting a Bit Political

I wouldn’t classify myself as a political activist – I get frustrated with everyone’s inability to agree and the drastic polarization of both sides. I grew up in a upper-middle-class, predominately white Boston suburb. There was one token black family that lulled our community into thinking we had transcended our “bigoted, racist” southern neighbors. We had a small LGBT community in my high school who did their own thing and I can’t remember a single interaction I had with them. In our town we had plenty of open space, clean water, and only one traffic light dictating our country roads. When I went to college, I actually met people who technically resided outside my little bubble. The more I got to know different people, the less I thought of them as my gay friend or my black friend. They were just my friend and that’s all there was to it. However, our society at large doesn’t see my friends in this light – there’s years of institutional neglect and cultural oppression. These “black lives matter” chanters and the lesbians who openly defy the Bible are just people who want to be treated equally. That’s not saying they want to impede your rights or abilities; and if you can’t see the distinction, then you need to go have an open conversation with someone who is drastically different than you.

This post is a bit more bold and a lot heavier than I hoped, but I think it’s so important to say. If we keep treating life like a game of Monopoly trying to stomp out the weak links, we lose the very components that make us passionate, lovable human beings.

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Cardigan: Cable & Gauge gifted three years ago (similar, similar)
Top: J. Crew Factory purchased two years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Skirt: J. Crew Factory gifted for my birthday last year (similar, similar)
Shoes: Ralph Lauren purchased two years ago for $90 (similar, similar)

Day 227: Trying to Make Friends

L and I live in a condo complex. We moved here about fourteen months ago and I’ve been desperately trying to make friends. It doesn’t help that I missed our annual HOA meeting last February because I had to work late. Now that I think of it, taking pictures for the blog out front probably isn’t helping my case either. Anyways, tonight our downstairs neighbors invited us to their Christmas party. Of course it’s the night that we’re heading to North Carolina to see L’s family. So for now I guess I’m going to stay the awkward person who seems self-absorbed by the number of pictures I take. Well, that L takes.

So onto my outfit! Originally I was planning to wear a scarf with this outfit, but since scarf day was yesterday I swapped my scarf for a snowflake necklace. Mainly because if it’s this close to Christmas, there should be snow on the ground. Although there isn’t snow in Massachusetts, but I digress. Since we’re still in jeans month, I paired my bright sweater with some neutral jeans and my favorite riding boots.

Sound off: How did you make friends?

Outfit Details
Sweater: Old Navy Cashmere gifted  (similar, similar)
Jeans: Gap purchased ten months ago for $55 (similar, similar)
Boots: Sperry purchased two years ago for $100 (similar, similar)
Necklace: Gifted six years ago (similar, similar)

Day 223: Hot Pocket? No Thank You.

It’s uncharacteristically warm here in Atlanta – I actually needed to put out a pair of shorts! This morning we spent cleaning and grocery shopping. L tagged along for grocery shopping and reminded me how different we are. While I was grabbing beer and berries, he was off getting Hot Pockets. Maybe I’m a snob, but I’ve never ate a Hot Pocket and I’m kinda okay with that…. Anyways, this afternoon two of our best friends are coming over to watch football.

I’m taking advantage of this nice weather with some shorts! I paired it with a teal top that I haven’t worn in a while and a printed scarf to dress it up. On the weekend, I tend to seesaw between my Sperry’s and my Birkenstocks – today is a Sperry day I guess!

Sound off: are you cheering for an NFL team today?

Outfit Details
Top: LOFT purchased second-hand for $20 (similar, similar)
Scarf: Sperry purchased three years for $20 (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased three years for $20 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Sperry purchased three years ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 180: Barn Family

It’s been such a crazy month – I’ve been home twice for funerals (RIP LK and JJ) and lost a co-worker in Atlanta (RIP BC). L broke his tibia and I’ve been slammed at work. Between all of the craziness, I haven’t made it to the barn in way too long. As soon as I got there, I regretted all the time away. Anyone who’s ever ridden knows, at every barn there’s an eclectic group of individuals that ban together to form your ‘barn family.’  Here in Atlanta, my barn family includes an amazing group of women who are all strong, smart, and supportive. I was greeted back with lots of hugs and great life updates.

Reminder to self: get to the barn a lot more. It’s tough to be stressed or upset when you’re focusing on controlling a 2000+ pound animal.

After I made it home and showered, I changed into this comfortable outfit. It was perfect for cooking/baking and then lounging on the couch to watch Harry Potter with L. We actually had a somewhat chilly night, so these slippers were actually needed for once!

Sound off: what’s your escape?

Outfit Details
Top: LOFT gifted for my birthday (similar, similar)
Leggings: UnderArmour purchased eight years ago for $80 (similar, similar)
Slippers: UGG purchased four years ago for $100 (similar, similar)

Day 173: Night In (by accident)

Tonight we totally planned on making our way to a haunted house but: 1) I still don’t feel 100% and 2) we got too drunk to make it out of the house. L didn’t mind, since he’s still on crutches and wouldn’t be able to make it out anyways.

As with any night where there’s too much alcohol, there were definitely a few parts of the night that weren’t at the top of my greatest hits list. Granted, I was by far the least intoxicated because I hoped to make a 5k the next morning. Long story short, I didn’t make it to the 5k. Something about cleaning up puke from weird places isn’t conducive to a 7am start. Anyways, I’m forgoing names because I’m going to protect the innocent.

Don’t mind the cryptic nature of this post. While I choose to over-share on this great wide web, some of my friends don’t feel quite the same way. So anyways, onto the outfit! It’s still incredible hot here in Atlanta, so I’m still rocking shorts. To be honest, I didn’t even really need this cardigan it’s so warm!

Outfit Details
Top: Gap purchased one year ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: J. Crew purchased three years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $25 (similar, similar)
Boots: Diesel purchased one year ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 154: Birthday Month Prep

Anyways, today was pretty much your basic Monday complete with one too many meetings and some free food to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. I’ll never complain about free food.

I have a feeling this entire week is going to be a countdown because a big group of us are renting a house in North Georgia to celebrate my birthday month. One of my best friends from college is coming down on Thursday and my baby sister will be in on Friday. From there, we’re heading right up with the usual Atlanta crew + Stormy.  I can’t wait.

Every October our company has partnership with United Way. If you donate $20, you can wear jeans the entire month of October. Although L is a little questionable, I think it’s a perfect investment. I love not wearing real clothes.

Outfit Details
Top: J. Crew Factory purchased two years ago for $40 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory purchased three years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Pants: ThredUp (Banana Republic) purchased one year ago for $18 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Target purchased two years ago for $20 (similar, similar)