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Day 166: Family Fun Fest

Almost two years ago, we adopted our wonderful pup from Long Shot Farm. This weekend they were having a Fall Festival to give back to the community. The event was incredible – they had pumpkin patches for the kids to pick their own and a hay ride and KETTLECORN! Clearly you can tell what I was most excited about. But in all seriousness the festival was amazing. L was such a trooper even with his hurt leg.

It’s actually surprising how cold it was in Charlotte – it was probably colder here than it was in Boston! This new top is from L’s mom and I absolutely love it! I’ve been dying to try the cross-top trend. It was a great day.

Sound off: have you adopted a pup?

Outfit Details
Top: Boutique given to me for my birthday (similar, similar)
Jeans: Gap purchased eight months ago for $55 (similar, similar)
Booties: Marshall’s purchased recently for $40 (similar, similar)

Day 41: Another puppy

Since the wedding we went to yesterday was about four and half hours from our home, we stayed at the place we rescued Stormy from, Long Shot Farms. Long Shot is on over 100 acres of land and the owners Jack and Diane are absolutely incredible with their pups. Right now they had twenty-three of their own (plus a handful that are there for boarding/training). To L’s delight, we did leave the farm with only Stormy (despite relentless begging/tears).

The pictures below are two of my favorite dogs there: a beagle mix named Arizona (Zona for short) and a golden named Gracie. Every time we visit, we kidnap Zona for cuddles. If I was rich, we’d probably have twenty-three dogs too.

If anyone is ever looking for a rescue who’s had incredible training, you should definitely check out LSF. If you have a resistant significant other who says no to getting a dog, do what I did with Stormy and get him anyways. Just don’t tell them I told you to.

Anyone else out there pining for another pup?

Outfit Details
Tank: Popbasic purchased 1 year ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Shirt: LeTote purchased over a month ago for $44 (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased five years ago for $35 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Birkenstock) purchased two years ago for $55 (exact)

Day 12: CLT to BOS

I’m currently sitting at the Charlotte airport preparing for our marathon of flights today! This morning we played with all of the pups at Long Shot Farm (the place we rescued Stormy from and where he’s staying while we’re on vacation). While we were there, L may have fallen in love with a beagle mix named Arizona… I’m hoping we come home with two dogs.

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