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Day 334: College Roomie’s Birthday

It’s crazy how emotional and mental anguish can be more exhaustive than running a marathon. I didn’t realize how badly I needed sleep until I woke up this morning at 11am – which is incredibly late for me! As much as my body needed the sleep, my mind was still reeling. There was no better distraction than to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays! My former roommate (the one who I went to Ithaca to see graduate) currently lives in Boston. I headed into the city to a rooftop bar, which was cold by Atlanta standards, but practically summer weather according to New England. We had lots of beer, some sushi, and lots of laughs. It was the perfect release and I’m so incredibly grateful for her friendship.

This was the only long sleeve shirt I packed – and I didn’t even realize it was in the bottom of my backpack! While I didn’t get any pictures of my bottom half, I’m still rocking the leggings I bought earlier this week because they’re the most comfortable with my knee scab. I know, I live a glamorous life.

Outfit Details
Top: LeTote (SUMMER & SAGE Lake Pullover) retails for $19 (similar, similar)
Leggings: Old Navy purchased yesterday for $4.98 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Adidas purchased two months ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 273: Showing off ATL

This morning the roads were empty during my morning commute through a somber Atlanta. I recovered quickly (#bandwagonfan), but a lot of my co-workers were still super upset. I’ve seen L recover from the Panther’s loss last year, so I’m sympathetic.

On the plus side, one of my college roommates is in Atlanta for the night and I’m so excited to see him! For the past four years, he’s worked crazy hours all over the world, but is settling down to solidify his next step. I haven’t even seen him in three years! We ended up heading over to Ponce City Market, an Atlanta stopping and restaurant depot, for dinner, drinks, and good conversation. And then we headed home for even more drinks. I’m going to regret this tomorrow on my morning run…

The weather was warm this morning, so I was in the mood for a dress. During this challenge, wearing dresses has been the most difficult because they’re so easy to repeat! To keep this one fresh, I paired it with a fun, bright belt

Outfit Details
Dress: LeTote (NOIR Textured Fit and Flare Dress) purchased ten months ago for $24 (similar, similar)
Belt: J. Crew Factory purchased eight years ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Abound) purchased ten months ago for $30 (similar, similar)