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Day 336: Crazy Katie

My younger sister is better known by her affectionate moniker Crazy Katie. She earns her nickname constantly by heading to Costa Rica randomly for a long weekend or jumping in the ocean in the middle of the winter. Today on our way back to the airport, she lived up to her name once again when she convinced me to stop at a random carnival in the parking lot of a movie theater. If that sounds sketchy while you’re reading it – it was. We weren’t expecting too much when we found out admission was $1 and the attendant didn’t even blink when we paid in change. The rides were certainly not up to code and the clientele was the most interested combination of people I’ve ever seen congregated around the “World’s Smallest Woman.” Still, we rode a few rides, laughing the whole time. It was the perfect last release before I headed back to my reality – cleaning up the house we left in a hurry and finally answering the hundreds of emails that had piled up in my absence.

You’ve probably noticed a trend – most of the clothes I’ve worn the past few days are from my mini shopping spree a few days ago. They’re all officially in desperate need of a wash – so here’s to my last outfit before I’m back to my regular outfit programming.

Outfit Details
Top: Borrowed from my mom (similar, similar)
Skirt: Old Navy purchased for $9.99 today (similar, similar)
Shoes: Adidas purchased two months ago for $60 (similar, similar)