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Day 265: Wanderlust

Keeping on trend with this feel of this weekend, I did pretty much nothing today aside from brave the Sunday Trader Joe’s crowd. I feel like such an old lady this weekend – it’s probably the most boring thing you all have ever read. So I’m going to switch gears and cave into my wanderlust mindset – here’s a list of my favorite places to visit:

  1. Salamanca, Spain is at the top of my list – it’s where I met L! The city itself is about two hours northwest of Madrid. Salamanca has some of the best universities in the country, so the entire atmosphere is very accepting and nurturing – especially when you’re trying to learn a new language. Plus since the city is on the smaller side, it’s safe for wander and easy to navigate. L and I can’t wait to get back there (we promised ourselves we’d go back within five years –tick tock!!).
  2. Azores, Portugal – as a graduation gift for my little sister, we brought her to the Azores, a cluster of small Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlanta ocean. Unfortunately it was uncharacteristically cold for the region when we visited, but it didn’t diminish the gorgeous views. The little farm girl in me loved that there were more cows than people and that all of the seafood was so incredibly fresh. I often joke that if the USA goes downhill, this is where I’m fleeing.
  3. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire will always hold a special part in my heart. When I was growing up, we spend every Fourth of July week at a little vacation villa with a group of other families we grew close to over the years. In addition to being the largest lake in New Hampshire, Winnipesaukee has endless water sports, tons of great restaurants, and so much gorgeous hikes and scenery, I don’t know why I ever left.
  4. Montego Bay, Jamaica is another special place for me – my last year of college and first year of post-graduation, I worked in MoBay at a resort managing all the non-golf aspects of a golf Pro-Am. The Jamaican people and culture are so unique and so much fun to work with – it was the norm to grab a Red Stripe to celebrate making it half-way through your work. As an added bonus, the beaches are flawless (not that I enjoyed them too much with my crazy hours). L and I are actually going to honeymoon at the same resort I used to work at!
  5. Porto, Portugal was absolutely magical. My vision may have been clouded by the many glasses of port wine that we had, but I absolutely LOVED Porto. The scenery is absolutely beautiful with a river pulsing through the entire city. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Not going to lie, today I counted “putting on jeans” as a win. Everyone needs some of those days! I paired my comfy jeans that I’ve had forever with a t-shirt I got for free in college as a member of the track & field team (pentathlon and heptathlon, in case you were wondering), along with this sage anorak that pulled everything together.

Sound off: where’s your favorite place you’ve ever been?

Outfit Details
Top: Received on the track team in college (similar, similar)
Jacket: Charlotte Ruse purchased one year ago for $40 (similar, similar)
Jeans: Express purchased six years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Sperry purchased two years ago for $90 (similar, similar)

Day 19: Airports

The end of the journey! We had such an amazing trip in the Azores – I can’t wait to go back to explore the other islands (we only saw Terciera and Saint Michael). Especially if you’re from the Boston area (Logan is the only airport that flies to the Azores right now), I completely recommend exploring these quaint, beautiful islands with amazing people… and seafood. If anyone ever has any questions about our trip, please reach out!

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Day 16: Lil Rain Never Hurt Nobody

Today it was rainy outside, so we decided to head to a local restaurant downtown. I’m not 100% sure what we ate, but why not? Here in the Azores, they’re known for their seafood so we had these shellfish that tasted almost like steamers (anyone from the northeast knows exactly what I’m talking about – for the rest of you, think clam-ish).

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Day 15: Confession

Okay readers, I have to admit to two things. Number 1: apparently I suck at packing. Seriously, I must have gotten used to this Georgia weather. I packed one pair of pants and five pairs of shorts – here in Portugal, it’s 60 degrees. So there’s that, which leads to Number 2: I cheated on this challenge. I one hundred precent fully intended to not shop for 365 days but I’m too cold so I bought a warm jacket down here.

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