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Day 68: Game Face

We have some friends visiting this weekend, so we had to make a trip out to Turner Field where the Atlanta Braves play! For those of you who don’t know, this is the last year that the Braves are playing at Turner Field, which was originally built to support the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Next year, the Braves are moving up to a stadium in East Cobb, right near my work. This season has been rough – tonight we saw two official cringe-worthy errors and several wild pitches. Whatever, nothing is more american than eating a highly processed hot dog and drinking an overpriced beer #amerika

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Day 56: Red, White, and Brews

Happy Fourth, aka day where we can drink lots of beer before noon and grill out because #Merika. Yes, I bought this skirt four months ago with the sole intention of having a great Fourth outfit. Yes, I only wore this outfit for a quarter of the day because I was in a bathing suit the rest. No, I am about to post a bathing suit picture on my blog.

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Day 52: Friends

I never wanted to move to Atlanta. When L first called me to tell me he got a job offer down here, I told him no. It didn’t help that he told me while I was managing a huge opening event in Jamaica (yes the country), so I was already stressed. I loved being a Boston-girl and had no desire to deal with the Atlanta heat.

Today is one of those days I’m so happy I moved. I had a tough day; I worked fourteen hours and it was super stressful. There was nothing better than coming home to a house I own (because I can actually afford one in the south) to the three best friends that anyone could have (plus some wine). LB is my best friend in ATL by far – she tells me when I’m being too intense and she’s one of the most loyal people I know. P was my finance’s roommates all four years of college and he has the driest sense of humor, which is so much fun. Then of course there’s L, but I’m supposed to love and him all that jazz because of the ring on my finger. (Of course I’m just kidding, he’s awesome but I talk about him a lot so yeah).

LB took the laughing picture and it completely captures tonight. Not going to lie, right after this picture was taken, I changed into comfy clothes and we walked the development with wine. I’m so grateful that after a tough day, I get the best nightcap (the friends, not just the booze).

What are you thankful for?


Outfit Details
Shirt: J. Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $28 (exactsimilar)
Cardigan: J. Crew purchased two years ago for $80 (similarsimilar)
Jeans: Express purchased four years ago for $50 (similarsimilar)
Shoes: ThredUp (Sam Edelman) purchased two years ago for $50 (similar, similar)
Necklace: Rocksbox on loan retail $80 (similar, similar)

Day 27: Brunch

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy, but today we slowed down and enjoyed brunch with two of our best friends in Atlanta. We originally planned on going out for breakfast, but after seeing the waits we decided to run to Kroger (grocery store in Atlanta) to grab frozen fruit, OJ, and cinnamon buns. We ended up making food here and watching Say Yes to the Dress. It was a perfect, calm weekend with some of the best friends.

When I first moved to Atlanta, I was super worried about making friends. L’s best friend (and roommate all four years of college) lives here, so I knew he’d have a friend. I knew absolutely no one, until L introduced me to one of his co-workers. Now I don’t know what I’d do without Lexie!

Since we had a mellow day, I tossed on this comfy over-sized t-shirt that I got from the resale site Vinted for $8. It’s a little big, but it’s perfect for a brunch day at home!

I hope you all took time to hang with your friends and do a little bit of nothing this weekend too!

Outfit Details:
Top: Vinted (brand unknown) purchased six months ago for $6 (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $28 (exact)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Keds) purchased one month ago for $35 (exact, similar)