Day 0

Day 0

So I don’t know about you (or maybe I should say y’all because I’m a new southerner), but I love clothes. On my commute home (yes Atlanta traffic is as bad as they say), I was wondering if I could not repeat an outfit for the whole year. Already in the first few months at my new job, I’ve only repeated an outfit once, so I figured it couldn’t be too hard. So what not make it trickier? What if I could not repeat an outfit for an entire year without purchasing a single article of clothing? Now that would be impressive.

Every morning I spend an embarrassing amount of time mulling over my ensemble only to fall back on combinations of my favorites. Even with a closet full of perfectly good clothes, I still find excuses to spend a healthy amount of my paycheck on “must have” store items. Gosh, if I didn’t shop for a year, I could probably make a serious dent in my student loans too.

One year: 20 pairs of jeans, 19 work pants, 18 shorts, 27 skirts, 7 blazers, 68 shirts, 14 button-downs, 15 sweaters,  20 cardigans, 1 romper, 20 blouses, 33 dresses, 53 athletic tops, 29 athletic bottoms, and way too many pairs of shoes.

So here are my rules:

  1. No purchasing any clothes!
  2. If something rips, gets put in the dryer, etc., I can replace it, but only if I need to!
  3. The same bottom cannot be paired with the same top during the duration of my challenge.
  4. Dresses may be repeated provided they are styled significantly different with shoes or other accessories.
  5. I can accept clothing as a present.
  6. During the wedding season (I’m a 20-something, this is way too common), I can rent a dress from Rent the Runway (one of my faves!) or purchase any mandated dresses for wedding parties.

I’ll post my daily getup here, so you all can keep me honest. Let’s go!

365 days, no repeats, no shopping

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