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Day 358: The Voice

I usually go for a run with my running partner in the morning, but I woke up feeling so sick I had to cancel. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I ended up heading to the office to get through the heaps of things I have outstanding. It was another stressful, trying day, but at least The Voice is on tonight! I’m just trying to find the little things.

My mom got my this skirt a few years ago for my birthday. At first I didn’t love it and thought it was a little too long, but lately I’ve been really feeling it! It’s nice to have something for these ‘colder’ days – after all, it barely got above 70 degrees today here in Atlanta!

Outfit Details
Top: LOFT gifted for my birthday last year (similar, similar)
Skirt: J. Crew Factory gifted for my birthday last year (similar, similar)
Shoes: J. Crew Factory purchased two years ago for $50 (similar, similar)

Day 357: Sushi and Too Much Work

Today was a really tough day. I originally had signed up for a free TRX class at a new studio (side note: does anyone actually know what TRX even means) but ended up working too late to go. Did I mention the class was at 7:30pm at night? On top of being overworked, things at work have been super stressful and tough on a personal level. Thank goodness for L – he was waiting with a nice big glass of white wine and sushi already ordered. I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without him.

I originally picked this outfit because I didn’t want to wear pants. I pulled out one of my most flowy and comfortable skirts and worked my way up from there!

Outfit Details
Top: ThredUp (J. Crew Factory) purchased two years ago for $14 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: ThredUp (J. Crew) purchased two years ago for $10 (similar, similar)
Skirts: ThredUp (Banana Republic) purchased eleven months ago for $18 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Abound) purchased ten months ago for $30 (similar, similar)

Day 351: Flying to Denver

Travel day! I’m so excited – I’ve never been to Denver, Colorado and today I’m headed there! This is for our quarterly team meeting and it’s one of my favorite summits. I take a lot of pride in what I do and I love the opportunity to share. Plus it’s always nice to sleep in a hotel and grab a beer with some of my favorite colleagues who work in other cities!

I originally purchased for a business conference when I was in high school! It’s still one of my favorite skirts in my closet because it’s so comfortable and stretchy. I pair it with this loose fit, black top. Whenever I travel, I try to take the fewest amount of clothes as possible!

Sound off: where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled for work?

Outfit Details
Top: LeTote (1 STATE Grommet Top) retails for $49 (similar, similar)
Skirt: Nordstrom Rack (Halogen) purchased eight years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Franco Sarto) purchased one year ago for $50 (similar, similar)

Day 350: Pre-work Travel

This week I’m traveling for work, so today is my prep day. Unfortunately mid-day I found out that my trip will be a little shorter than expected – originally we were going to stay in Denver for two days, but now we’ll be there less than 24 hours. Definitely not ideal, but I’ll make it work. Plus now I have an excuse to go back (and bring L!).

I haven’t worn this skirt in a while, so today I built my entire outfit around it! Per usual, my office is an ice box, despite it being super nice outside, so I definitely needed a cardigan.

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Old Navy purchased one month ago for $4.98 (similar, similar)
Top: Fabletics purchased three years ago for $10 (similar, similar)
Skirt: ThredUp (J. Crew Factory) purchased two years ago for $20 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Franco Sarto) purchased one year ago for $50 (similar, similar)


Day 336: Crazy Katie

My younger sister is better known by her affectionate moniker Crazy Katie. She earns her nickname constantly by heading to Costa Rica randomly for a long weekend or jumping in the ocean in the middle of the winter. Today on our way back to the airport, she lived up to her name once again when she convinced me to stop at a random carnival in the parking lot of a movie theater. If that sounds sketchy while you’re reading it – it was. We weren’t expecting too much when we found out admission was $1 and the attendant didn’t even blink when we paid in change. The rides were certainly not up to code and the clientele was the most interested combination of people I’ve ever seen congregated around the “World’s Smallest Woman.” Still, we rode a few rides, laughing the whole time. It was the perfect last release before I headed back to my reality – cleaning up the house we left in a hurry and finally answering the hundreds of emails that had piled up in my absence.

You’ve probably noticed a trend – most of the clothes I’ve worn the past few days are from my mini shopping spree a few days ago. They’re all officially in desperate need of a wash – so here’s to my last outfit before I’m back to my regular outfit programming.

Outfit Details
Top: Borrowed from my mom (similar, similar)
Skirt: Old Navy purchased for $9.99 today (similar, similar)
Shoes: Adidas purchased two months ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 332: Breaking the Challenge

As I alluded to yesterday, we are in North Carolina for a bit of a family emergency. When we got the call that we needed to come back to L’s hometown, both of us were a bit distraught. I’ve had some pretty bad packing jobs (see Portugal!), but this one may take the cake. For an especially chilly week, I managed to pack: 2 dresses, a short sleeve romper, a pair of jeans I can’t wear because of my skinned knee, and three sleep shirts. I’m not completely sure what world I was living in when I was packing, but I ended up in a tricky situation. Do I freeze my butt off (and look mildly inappropriate) or do I break the challenge? Unfortunately due to the title of this post, you’re probably figuring out I did the latter.

I tried to stay as cost efficient as possible and headed over to Old Navy (in L’s hometown, my options were Old Navy or Bass Pro). Nothing going to lie, when I was in the store, I had a light OMG I MISSED THIS MOMENT where I may or may not have smelled new clothing, but I’m going to table that for another day.  Anyways, I beelined it to the back clearance section, figuring if I’m going to break the challenge, the least I could do is spend minimal money. I ended up spending about $30 for a cardigan, a long skirt, black leggings, and a long sleeve shirt. While I’m obviously upset to have to shop, I’m writing this off as a one-time emergency and holding tight until the rest of the challenge is over!

Outfit Details
Top: LOFT gifted for my birthday six months ago (similar, similar)
Cardigan: Old Navy purchased for $4.98 today (similar, similar)
Skirt: Old Navy purchased for $9.99 today (similar, similar)
Shoes: Adidas purchased two months ago for $60 (similar, similar)

Day 322: Wedding Planning

So today we just dropped almost $5,000 on flights and L’s having a minor heart attack. He’s definitely the saver and I’m the spender – but even this made me a little nervous! This summer we have two weddings back in Boston-area, so we book both of those flights. Then we booked our honeymoon, so now I’m just counting down the days (232 in case you were wondering). 

Today I read an article about a bride who spent $4,500 and planned her wedding in five days. I know L wishes we could do that, but we both have too many family and friends. Okay, well some we can attribute to my expensive taste.

Today it was actually on the warmer side, so I wore short-sleeves! It’s funny – my mom keeps asking when I’m moving back to the northest, but with southern ‘winters’ like this, I’m not sure I will.

Sound off: any wedding planning tricks?

Outfit Details
Top: J. Crew purchased second-hand two years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Skirt: Halogen purchased six years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Shoes: J. Crew Factory purchased two years ago for $50 (similar, similar)