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Day 360: How to Find a Professional Mentor

The number one piece of advice I always share with new hires is find a mentor! I’ve been super fortunately to be blessed with several formal and informal professional mentors. Most recently, these mentors have helped me navigate the turmoil after our team reorg – and I don’t know where I’d be without them! For those of you who are looking for a mentor, I have a few tips and tricks below:

  1. Keep in mind, your mentor doesn’t have to be in your industry, on your team, or part of your company! Look at people who you admire, whether it’s their organizational skills, their leadership skills, or their knowledge in your field/industry. You can learn from anyone. One of my mentors is in HR, while another is in production for a television network. Both have given awesome advice, especially since they’re removed from the situation.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask, but remember people are busy. There has to be something in it for them! I’ve reached out to folks in other departments with the intent of promoting synergies in our large company – and gaining an awesome mentor for me! Think about what you can offer your mentor, whether it’s a unique perspective or an opportunity to tap into a different demographic.
  3. Join different organizations! When I first moved to Atlanta, I joined WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications). Through the WICT organization, I’ve met so many people. As an added bonus for some of you more shy folks – lots of organizations host different events that help you network! What’s better than that?

While some of these may be a little self-explanatory, I hope they helped. I don’t know where I’d be without my amazing mentors!

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Dress: Gili purchased two years ago for $46 (similar, similar)
Shoes: zulily (BCBG) purchased recently for $20 (similar, similar)

Day 355: Date Night

Today was a busy day! LB is moving, which is super depressing. Thankfully, for now, she’s only moving an extra ten miles away, but I’m still going to miss her! We spent the morning loading her stuff up into the U-Haul. From there, L and I grabbed a quick (and cheap) bite at bartaco before heading home to walk a friend’s dog. In the afternoon, I stopped by a friend’s house who was having a Stella and Dot party. I ended up buying a cute little arrow necklace and eating way too much bacon – so really just my normal afternoon. When I got home, I had just enough time to take a quick nap before L and I had a date night at Cinebistro. It’s been way too long since we’ve gone out just the two of us and it was such a treat!

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s been a while since L and I went on a date, so I dressed for the occasion! I actually bought this dress at an H&M in Spain when L and I were studying abroad. It was one of my few outfits I wore when we went out to the Spanish bars! Such good memories!

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Dress: H&M purchased (in Spain!) four years ago for €12 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory purchased six years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Shoes: H&M purchased (in Spain!) four years ago for €8 (similar, similar)

Day 354: Barbie Hairstyle Game

Thanks to my little sister, I just spent the last two hours of my life YouTubing my favorite computer games I played with I was little. It all started with the Barbie Magic Hair Styler video. I remember playing this when I was little – our only family computer was kept down in the basement, a dingy room that my dad used as his office space for his excavation company.

We would play this game for HOURS even though there isn’t really a purpose or an end game. Not to mention the irony – my sister and I would both run screaming if my mom came near us with a hair brush. After watching the YouTube video above, I quickly spiraled into video tutorials of all of my favorite childhood games: Mary King’s Riding Star, Equestriad, Barbie Riding Academy, Barbie Pet Rescue, KidPix….. as you can see it devolved rather quickly.

Today I wore this awesome t-shirt dress. It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but it actually has a feather pattern. I matched my white flats to the white feathers and loved the final result. As an added bonus, it was actually quite comfortable too!

Sound off: what’s your favorite childhood computer game?

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Dress: LeTote (OCTAVIA Feather Printed Dress) retails for $32 (similar, similar)
Shoes: zulily (BCBG) purchased recently for $20 (similar, similar)

Day 344: New Tires and Fake Optimism

I wanted to get into work a little early – which would have been pretty tough without a car. Thank goodness I have the best fiancé in the world who let me borrow his car and drop him off super early at work. He even picked up my car on his way home! Anyways, today we had an all-hands team meeting to review the new structure. Overall, the day was long and frustrating. Any change and uncertainty can be uncomfortable, but I’m still extremely concerned about the personalities. We’ll just have to see how this goes.

I once read an article (that I can no longer find) that the concept of “peacocking” is a real thing. Wearing distinguishable accessories or bright or bold colors can help people notice and remember you. Today I was very worried my voice would get lost in the shuffle, so I wore my brightest dress! Not sure if it actually worked, but at least I felt good!

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Dress: LeTote (Anne Klein) purchased one year ago for $70 (similar, similar)
Shoes: zulily (BCBG) purchased recently for $20 (similar, similar)

Day 338: Company Reorg

Today started out like any other work day: buzzing through emails, analyzing campaign trends, spending too much time thinking about lunch. That is until my boss put a last minute team meeting on our calendars at noon. Twenty minutes later, I was crushed. We were reorging our team. Change is always scary and uncomfortable, but that’s not the part that’s bothering me. As part of the new structure, I’ll be giving up some of my favorite parts of my job, including the high visibility from senior leadership that I enjoyed. Worst of all, my manager changed. I will now report into the lady I mentioned yesterday who genuinely believes millennials have nothing to offer.

I’m currently frustrated and devastated, but I’m so lucky I have the best friends (and that I still have a job). After I told L and LB, they were waiting (along with PJ) when I got home with good wine and a home-cooked meal. We sat on our porch for a long time, laughing, talking, and listening to music.

Sound off: any career advice?

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Dress: LeTote (NOIR Split Neck Dress) retails for $33 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Vince Camuto purchased one year ago for $50 (similar, similar)

Day 330: Less Than Ideal

Ugh, work has not been fun lately. Lots of different things have been frustrating me, and it’s been compounding for months. I think everyone goes through the whole “you win some, you lose some” but lately work has been really hard and unrewarding. Plus the women I work with have been on their A-game in the being catty and rude department. I think I need a vacation, but with this wedding in the fall, L and I are being super stingy with our time!

Although my outfit feels vaguely “on point,” my little boxing gloves on my hands do look a little ridiculous! I’ve actually worn this dress a few times, but this bright cardigan revitalizes it!

Sound off: any tips for staying motivated at work?

Outfit Details
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory purchased four years ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet purchased three years ago for $60 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Sam Edelman purchased second-hand for $30 (similar, similar)

Day 320: Hardest 5k Ever

Last Saturday I ran a half marathon, but this weekend a 5k kicked my butt. Today I ran the Atlanta Women’s 5k and it was the hilliest, hardest course I’ve ever run. About two and a half miles in, we finally hit a downhill and all the spectators started yelling that we were super close. I kicked it up a notch, only to find myself at the bottom of a never-ending hill. When I passed the 3 mile mark, I thought I was going to die, but I stayed with it. Which ultimately lead to me gagging and throwing up as I crossed the finish line. The worst part? It wasn’t even close to one of my best times. The whole experience gave me flashbacks to when I ran the 800 meters in college – a race I’d like to block out of my mind! At least after the race, I headed over to my running buddy’s house for mimosas, donuts, and some quality time with toddlers!

Clearly this is the outfit I wore after the race – believe me, I did not look cute in my race clothing! I got dressed in the dark so I didn’t wake L up so I didn’t even loosely match and then afterward I looked like I needed a shower. Not cute!

Sound Off: Are you training for anything?

Outfit Details
Dress: J. Crew Factory purchased four years ago for $50 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Sperry purchased four years ago for $60 (similar, similar)