Day 313: Atlanta United

To L’s delight, soccer is officially sweeping Atlanta! This is the inaugural season of our first soccer team: Atlanta United. Atlanta is considered a transplant city – many residents grew up in other cities with existing sports alliances. Within the city there’s not a huge sense of Atlanta sports fandom (however, wander just outside the perimeter and you’ll find a completely different story). Since so few cities even have a professional soccer team, everyone in the city is really rallying around ‘our’ team. When tickets were offered up at my office, I quickly snagged them!

Today we watched the game with some new Atlanta friends and it was SO MUCH FUN! Any opportunity to drink beer and yell loudly is a win in my book. Bonus points to the fire show every time there’s a goal.

L is already a huge soccer fan and he was so excited for the game he bought me this Atlanta United shirt! I’m counting it as not cheating for this challenge since I didn’t actually buy it 😉

Sound off: What’s your favorite sports team?

Outfit Details
Atlanta United gear (here, here)
Jeans: LOFT purchased two years ago for $40 (similar, similar)

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