Day 281: Valentine’s Dates

Ugh these early morning flights are killer! My flight left at 7:25am, so I was up way too early to head over to the airport! Today I’m heading up to Philadelphia for my favorite¬†quarterly meeting. At my company, I work in one of three division offices. Once a quarter we meet up with the other two divisions to talk through best practices, learnings, and strategy. It’s great to actually match faces with phone voices too!

This quarter, one of our (male) co-workers accidentally set our meeting for Valentine’s Day! It’s funny – all of the women who attended said their male significant others didn’t mind at all (L included), but the men leaving behind their women were a different story!

After an amazing dinner at a Cuban place and a few mojitos, I’m pretty excited to hit the sack! Although this combination was cute and warm, I can’t wait to change into my PJs.

Sound off: do you ever travel for work?

Outfit Details
Blazer: Amazon (kenzie) purchased two years ago for $90 (similar, similar)
Dress: Loft gifted by my mother for my birthday (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Ralph Lauren) purchased three years ago for $90 (similar, similar)

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