Day 153: These Days are Going to the Dogs

My rescue pup Stormy is one of the best things in my life. Even though he never has an off switch (except when he’s fake snoring so he doesn’t have to get out of bed), he’s my best bud. Two years ago this month, I asked L if we could get a dog, but he wanted to wait until we were more ‘settled.’ Fast forward a week and I had this little snuggley black mutt puppy who was loosely housebroken.

Dat 153

Now it’s no secret that I desperately want another dog. So under the guise to ‘save a little money for our wedding,’ I signed up for Rover to be a weekend pet sitter. So far we’ve watch our fair share of pups and it’s been so much fun. This weekend, we’ve been watching a white lab named Lucky who’s stayed with us a few times. It’s so much fun to see Stormster’s little face light up as he destroys toys with the Lucky. Plus I get to make a little extra money (spoiler alert – none of it has gone to the wedding. Sorry L!).

Day 153

If you in the Atlanta area and you want your pup to be aggressively cuddled and fed an above average amount of organic treats (yes my pup eats better than me), hit me up! If you’re looking to make some extra money, check out being a sitter! It’s a great way to play with a lot of sweet pups. I promise you, there’s nothing better than sitting on the balcony with two dogs at your feet. Plus Rover is available nationwide!

Day 153

P.S. All of these amazing pictures were taken by my favorite photographer Erika Eveleth. She does a little bit of everything, so if you’re looking for a photographer in the Atlanta area CHECK HER OUT! Her website is here.

** The links used in today’s post about Rover are referral links, which means if you click and sign up to be a sitter, I’ll get a little something, something 😉 In all serious, I am committed to only recommending companies that I love. So if you love dogs as much as you love pizza, please sign up and do us all a favor!

Outfit Details
Top: Marshal’s (mercer&madison) purchased nine months ago for $10 (similar, similar)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $25 (similar, similar)
Boots: Diesel purchased one year ago for $60 (similar, similar)

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