Day 136-138: Last Two Days at Disney and the Drive Home

On Thursday, we went to Hollywood Studios (but because I’m old, I still know it as MGM). We had an early morning Fast Pass for Rock’n’Roller Coaster, but it was closed so I thought it would be great opportunity to go on Tower of Terror. The only problem was that no one wanted to do it with me! Finally I corralled L and convinced him. We rode it once and the line was non-existent, so I asked an attendant if we could ride it again and she quickly got us right back to the front of the line. It took until after the second time for L to admit that he hated the whole ride and completely detests drops. While I do feel a little bad, at least I got to ride it twice!

From there we made our way to the new Star Wars rides, which were actually really fun. The best part was watching L’s dad, who is a MAJOR fan totally geek out the entire time. I wish I was that passionate about something other than wine (just kidding). We also ended up catching Rock’n’Roller Coaster later when it opened up, as well as the Indiana Jones show – which I still remember from when I was little!

14379623_10153700010041008_1718596012722074140_oFrom there we made our way to Epcot, which is so much more fun when you’re an adult. I guess alcohol will do that. Although this weekend, I was the only one drinking (oops!). L’s dad is also a major car lover – I’m pretty sure he considers his Camero as his third child. It made Test Track his favorite ride of the entire trip, so we rode it a few times. Not going to lie, but I designed an awesome car/truck hybrid.

Test Track - Day 136

The whole family also really loved Soarin’, which is simulation of a hang-glider across the world. Now I want to go to the safaris of Africa so bad (Lion King may have been the culprit, but we’ll blame Soarin’).  By the end of the day, we were super tired. So, L and his dad ran out for Chick-fil-a, which is a minor problem because the whole I’m allergic to chicken thing. But because I have an amazing fiancee, he stopped to get me sushi!

I’m not going to lie, by Friday we were all exhausted! The rest of the crew were leaving mid-afternoon, so we headed back to Magic Kingdom for our very last day. We stopped by some of the classics, like the Philharmagic, It’s A Small World After All, and People Mover. As an added bonus, I also had a chance to spoil my baby nephews with some adorable swag.
Magic Kingdom - Day 137


L’s family left mid-afternoon after a much deserved ice cream break. We stopped through Space Mountain and BuzzLightyear Space Ranger Spin once more before making our way back over to Epcot for some exotic food and drink!

On Friday night we decided to start the drive home. We were super optimistic about making it at least four hours into the drive. We made it two and a half. We ended up at some super sketch motel where I spent the whole night freaking out that the car was going to get broken into. (Disclaimer: L says I’m being crazy and this whole ‘sketchy motel’ thing was all in my head. Maybe he won because the car was break-in-free in the morning).

On the way home, I convinced L to stop at a winery we saw on the way down. It was 9:30am and we were clearly the only people in there. It was totally worth it because they had wine tastings and they gave you a free glass with the tasting!

Day 138 - Wine Tasting

Our Disney trip was an absolute blast – seriously, don’t let not having kids from keeping you from Disney!

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