Day 121: RIP

There should be a special place in hell for the people who use those personal lights on a 5am flight. Thanks for lighting up the whole hanger for us. 

Today I’m traveling to Massachusetts for my aunt’s funeral. I kicked off the day at 3:30am. L initially offered to drive me to the airport, but when he realized how early his wake-up call would be, he suggested Uber. Since it was so early, I made it all the way to Massachusetts before I realized I forgot to pack underwear….

So my dad’s side of our family is pretty massive. He had four sisters, and his oldest two sisters already had kids when he was born, so our family is a little lopsided. There’s a group of us that are all around the same age. We grew up together – starting with matching Tinkerbell bathing suits that were not cute, then moving on to taking our first shots of alcohol together.

When I heard about my oldest cousin’s mother passing away, I knew I had to make it up to Massachusetts. I wish I was seeing every one under better circumstances but it was amazing to see everyone!


Outfit Details
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet purchased three years ago for $60 (similar, similar)
Heels:ThredUp (Franco Sarto) purchased one year ago for $22 (similar, similar)

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