Day 120: Four Reasons to Not Hate Millennials

At work I’ve been getting a lot of hate for being under 30 (bonus points for not having a kid). Unfortunately millennials get a bad rep, but we make up 38% of the workforce. While you’re trying to make our lives difficult because #jobsecurity, we’re over here resenting you as much as you resent us.

1. We grew up entrenched in the digital age. While you were trying to figure out the difference between tweeting and putting up a Facebook profile picture, we were already onto the next great platform. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve also played on some of the duds – Foursquare, I’m looking at you. So don’t get mad when we veto your ‘next big idea’ because if it’s in the digital space, there’s a good chance we’ve seen it. Don’t just ignore us – you taking a class in social media at some fancy conference your company paid for is not the same. That’s like taking Spanish class once a week at the community college and thinking it’s the same as studying abroad in Seville.

2. We are not scared of hard work, but we do not want to work just to work. I’ve seen some people at my company who are proud that they work 60+ weeks every week. I’m sorry, but if you’re working that much then something is wrong – either you can’t delegate, you don’t know how to ask for help, or you’re an painfully inefficient worker. If we don’t see a damn good reason to be doing our job, then we’re counting the minutes until happy hour. When I ask why we do something one way and you respond “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” it makes my skin crawl.

3. We spend money on stupid stuff. I get it, you didn’t get your first new car until you were in your 30’s and you sure didn’t travel to the Philippines. Let’s just ahead and call us the No Regrets generation. (Unless you’re the moron who got a #NoRegrats tattoo. You should 100% regret that one). In all honesty, you may not understand the way we spend our money, but we’re helping to drive our economy. And if you’re lucky, we’re also buying your products. 

4. Our friends are important to us and we’re really lucky that we have a million ways to connect with them. Think of the people you lost touch with over the years (and are probably reconnecting with now on Facebook). My friends are spread all over the country, but I talk to most of them on a semi-regular basis. Maybe you don’t understand the ridiculous Snapchat I’m sending to my former roommate, but I promise you she gets it and it probably makes her day. 

So let’s lay off the hate and all work together. You may not believe me, but we actually are team players. And we have about two-hundred group projects to prove it. 

Onto my outfit! Patterned pants have been exploding in popularity at my office and I’m loving the trend! I usually pair them with a nice light-weight sweater because my office building is Ice Age 2. This morning I went back and forth a bunch between dark and light loafers, but I landed with these tan ones.

Sound off – anything I missed on my millennials list?

Outfit Details
Sweater: J Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $30 (similar, similar)
Pants: ThredUp (Talbots) purchased one year ago for $22 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Abound) purchased eight months ago for $19 (exact, similar)

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