Day 53: Countdown

This whole day has been a countdown for the long weekend! After yesterday’s marathon day at work and weddings the past few weeks, I’m so looking forward to watching SVU reruns in my underwear (which is great bonding for our new roommates/tenants, right?) and drinking lots of wine. Maybe I’ll venture out of the house to buy more bacon, but I’m completely looking forward to a little bit of nothing.

So for anyone else who’s thinking, ummmm roommates????, L and I decided to sublet our spare bedroom to a couple who is on summer break from college. We’ve been teasing the idea of renting out the spare room for a while because 1. it allowed me to throw away a lot of junk that was sitting in our guest closet and 2. we can save so much money. Our tenants/roomies are only going to be here for two months, so it’s super managable.

Any Fourth Plans that don’t involve being a generally embarrassing person like me?


Outfit Details
Shirt: J. Crew Factory purchased one year ago for $28 (exactsimilar)
Skirt: J. Crew Factory gifted one year ago (similar, similar)
Shoes: H&M purchased three years ago for $28 (similar, similar)
Necklace: Gift from my mom eight years ago (similar, similar)

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